Important Launch Week Reminders

We are so excited to finally introduce you to the new Think Goodness™ Brand Collective – our innovative new products, our state-of-the-art technology suite, and this new, beautiful community.

Join us on Wednesday, October 6 at 2 p.m. CT for the official, virtual grand opening celebration on our Facebook page,, and be sure to invite your customers!

Log In Details for You and Your Existing Customers Who Have Accounts
VERY IMPORTANT! To log in to your new account for the first time, as a Purpose Partner or for your previous Customers who had accounts, you will need to reactivate your account.
Here are the steps you can take AFTER 5 p.m. CT:
• You will go to
• Select the person icon at the top right corner
• Click on “Reactivate Account.”
• You’ll enter the email address associated with your Purpose Partner (or your customer for their Customer Account) and then you will receive an email to reactivate your account. Look for an email from Be sure to check your junk folder.*
• Open the email and click “Activate your account.”
• You’ll be taken back to and asked to activate your account by adding your email address and password.
• Final step – click “Activate Account” and you’ll be logged in and taken to your Virtual Office.
*Customers who have not shopped in the past two years will need to create a new account.
Please note, Origami Owl Designers or Willing Beauty Advocates who did not opt-in prior to September 27 will not be able to reinstate or “reactivate” their account through this method.
Re-instatements and Re-enrollments Process
Previous account holders who want to reinstate OR re-enroll will need to follow this process:
• Go to and select the “Contact Us” Form
Include the following:
• Full Name
• ID
• Email address associated with your account
• Requested Mentor if you are re-enrolling after not being part of the company for six months or more. Otherwise, you’ll be placed with previous Mentor.
• Requested Think Goodness Purpose Partner online shop name (it will be{yourname}
Our team will be reviewing these requests and managing them. Please be patient and do not submit this request more than once. You should receive a response within two business days.

Check Your Virtual Office for Your Mentor’s Info
We realize your previous Mentor might not have chosen to transition to Think Goodness, so we encourage you to log in to your Virtual Office and review your profile and genealogy once we launch to get those details.
FAQs & How to Get Support
Need support? Our Think Goodness Care Team will be available Tuesday, October 5 from 10 a.m. CT – 8 p.m. CT and Wednesday, October 6 – Friday, October 8 from 8 a.m. CT – 8 p.m. CT through
• To report a technical issue, please include a screenshot and the website URL or detailed info on what you’re experiencing and where you’re finding it.
• For account issues and care support, please include your name, email address and ID so our team can assist you.
• We will have an expanded team reviewing and responding to your needs – please note, it could take up to 48 hours for us to respond and multiple emails will slow down this process.
Please also access the Partner Help Center in your Virtual Office (the question mark icon in the navigation) to access a searchable FAQs site – you may find your answer even faster there!
Think Goodness Grand Opening Celebration
Celebrate the launch of Think Goodness with our grand opening celebration on our official Think Goodness Facebook page on Wednesday, October 6 at 2 p.m. CT!
We'll have giveaways, announcements and so many GOOD times celebrating together.
Save the date and time!
Discounts and Purpose Partner Pricing
For seven days only, we want you to enjoy an extra perk –
a 35 percent discount on all Think Goodness products! That’s a five-percent INCREASE on top of your already-generous, grandfathered rate of 30%!
You’ll see the retail price when you add the item to your cart through your Virtual Office, and then the Purpose Partner discount will be called out and show your exact wholesale savings in your cart.
Willing Beauty® Subscribe & Save
Purpose Partners – shop your Virtual Office in October and lock in that legacy pricing for life when you add a Classic HY+5™ Regimen $68.60 USD or the Advanced HY+5 Regimen for $83.30 USD to your Subscribe & Save replenishment order. On November 1, both regimens will go up in price to $81 (Classic) and $98 (Advanced).
Note, monthly Subscribe & Save price will adjust slightly in Canada based on current exchange rates.
Product Updates: Pre-Orders
Please note, we have encountered delays with a few of our new products and will provide these products on presale until they arrive later this month. Note, you can add all items to your cart and the items below will ship separately at no additional charge to you or your customers. Estimated ship date is the week of October 10.
Intuitiv Wellness™ Supplements (U.S. Only)
Good Night™
Feel Good™
Get Clear™
CYMK Cosmetics
CMYK Next Level Eye Palette – Nude
Download or Refresh Your New Think Goodness App
GOOD news! If you had the My O2 Connection app, you’ll be able to simply update your app to get the NEW, refreshed app.
• All your contacts and info will still be maintained
• It’ll have all-new assets PLUS all your Origami Owl jewelry assets
• New Layout
• New LEARN training hub with a series on Compliance
• New Media section to upload content and add links to your videos so you can track engagement
If you’re new or didn’t previously have the App, you’ll need to go to your Google Play or App Store and search “Think Goodness” to download the Think Goodness App once we launch. You’ll use your Purpose Partner ID and password to log in—that info will also come in a special Welcome email that will deploy shortly after we launch, or you can find it in the profile section of your Virtual Office after launch.
PayQuicker Updates
As a reminder, our commissions payment partner, PayQuicker, sent a message to you last week to share that your new login page for your commissions account will be Your username and password will remain the same, as will all your existing account activity and details. Newly branded cards will arrive in the mail shortly, but your existing card will still work for now.
Explore Your Virtual Office
Take some time to get to know your new Virtual Office! Explore your home page and note the Goodstart program tracker, your profile information and check out the navigation that has a News tab for the latest news, Partner Help Center for FAQs and more.
Note: You will be able to update your profile photo later this week.
Stay tuned to the Think Goodness Virtual Academy on Wednesday, October 6 for a virtual tour and a fun game that could earn you some exciting prizes!