Disney Villains: Male Villains Charm Collection Pack - For Brand Partners Only

Available June 4 at Noon CT, while supplies last

Are you ready to embrace the dark side of Disney with our new Disney Male Villains Charms? For Disney fans who love villains, these charms are the ideal addition to your collection!

Here are some more details on the villains:

Scar: The Cunning King – from The Lion King

Jafar: The Sinister Sorcerer – from Aladdin

Hades: The Fiery Deity – from Hercules

Captain Hook: The Vengeful Pirate – from Peter Pan

There is no perfect story without a villain. Whether you're a longtime fan of Disney villains or simply appreciate everything Disney, these charms are essential for completing some of our favorite Disney stories!

👉Did you know? In The Lion King, Zazu snips that Scar would make an excellent throw rug. Technically, this actually comes true, as Scar can be seen as a throw rug in a scene from Hercules. How many of you noticed that?

Pack Details

What: Disney Villains Male Charm Collection Pack

Where: Your Virtual Office under Resources + Links > Partner Packs

SKU: SP1166

Price: $28

What’s included: One Disney Villains Scar Charm, One Disney Villains Jafar Charm, One Disney Villains Hades Charm and One Disney Villains Captain Hook Charm.

Please note that as a licensed collection, you can use your TG30 for your personal Brand Partner Discount. Additionally, you can secure more than one pack to prepare for your upcoming events and Disney fan customers!