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Gifts of Kindness Shop

Available April 4 at Noon CT - May 13, while promotional supplies last

💛 “In every act of kindness, there is a reason for gratitude.” 💛

At Think Goodness, we believe in the power of kindness to make a difference in people's lives. That's why we're refreshing our Gifts of Kindness shop, featuring meaningful gifts for any occasion.

From supporting cancer survivors to honoring adoption journeys and more, these special pieces are thoughtful reminders of love and resilience.

Explore our curated collection including 12 new looks + existing pieces at discounted prices! Spread kindness and shop now!

SKUProduct DescriptionRetail PriceRetail Value
BR1051Silver "Guide Me" St. Christopher Bolo Bracelet$36.00$36.00
BR2032Gold "Guide Me" St. Christopher Bolo Bracelet$36.00$36.00
BR9010Silver "Protector, Hero, Dad" ID Bar Bra$39.00$42.00
BR9011Gold "Protector, Hero, Dad" ID Bar Brace$39.00$42.00
BR9020Silver "Always with me" ID Bar Bracelet$42.00
BR9021Gold "Always with me" ID Bar Bracelet$42.00
BR9022Gold "Nurture, Teach, Inspire" ID$39.00$42.00
BR9023Silver "Nurture, Teach, Inspire" ID$39.00$42.00
BR9024Silver ID Bar Bracelet "Nevertheless She$25.00$42.00
BR9025Gold ID Bar Bracelet "Nevertheless She P$39.00$42.00
BR9026Silver "Bright Future Ahead" ID Bar Bra$39.00$42.00
BR9027Gold "Bright Future Ahead" ID Bar Brace$39.00$42.00
BR9028Silver "Calm in the Chaos" ID Bar Bracelet$38.00$42.00
CN4051Silver Dainty Rosary Lariat Necklace$40.00
CN4068Rose Gold Dainty Rosary Lariat Necklace$40.00
NL1055Silver "FAITH" Necklace 16-19"$44.00
NL1056Silver "Hope" Baguette Rainbow CZ Neckla$44.00
NL1060Silver "Keep them safe" Horizontal Bar Necklace 16-19"$42.00
NL1065Silver "Keep them safe" Red Horizontal Bar Necklace 16-19"$42.00
NL1066Silver "Calm in the Chaos" Yellow Horizontal Bar Necklace 16-19"$42.00
NL1067Silver "Calm in the Chaos" Clear Horizontal Bar Necklace 16-19"$42.00
NL1072Silver "Guide Me" St. Christopher Pendant Necklace 16-19"$38.00
NL2030AGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20"-Letter A$44.00
NL2030BGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20"-Letter B$44.00
NL2030CGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter C$44.00
NL2030DGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter D$44.00
NL2030EGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter E$44.00
NL2030FGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter F$44.00
NL2030GGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter G$44.00
NL2030HGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter H$44.00
NL2030IGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter I$44.00
NL2030JGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter J$44.00
NL2030KGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter K$44.00
NL2030LGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20"- Letter L$44.00
NL2030MGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter M$44.00
NL2030NGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter N$44.00
NL2030OGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter O$44.00
NL2030PGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter P$44.00
NL2030QGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter Q$44.00
NL2030RGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter R$44.00
NL2030SGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter S$44.00
NL2030TGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter T$44.00
NL2030UGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter U$44.00
NL2030VGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter V$44.00
NL2030WGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter W$44.00
NL2030XGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter X$44.00
NL2030YGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter Y$44.00
NL2030ZGold Initial Pendant Necklace 18-20" -Letter Z$44.00
NL2031Gold "Guide Me" St. Christopher Pendant Necklace 16-19"$38.00
NL9018Gold "Resilience" Opal Heart Pendant Nec$38.00
NL9028Clear Baguette Compass "Move Mountains"$44.00
NL9040Gold "Overcome" Pendant Necklace 16-19"$44.00
NL9047Silver "Overcome" Pendant Necklace 16-19"$44.00
RN2030"Gold ""Resilient"" Rainbow Pave CZ Stackin"$34.00
RN2036"Gold ""Resilient"" Rainbow Pave CZ Stackin"$34.00
RN2037"Gold ""Resilient"" Rainbow Pave CZ Stackin"$34.00
RN2038"Gold ""Resilient"" Rainbow Pave CZ Stackin"$34.00
RN2039"Gold ""Resilient"" Rainbow Pave CZ Stackin"$34.00
SP2606Gold "Resilience" Opal + Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace + Earrings Gift Set 16-19"$52.00$60.00
SP2801Silver "There Is Always Hope" ID Bar Bracelet$42.00
SP2802Gold "There Is Always Hope" ID Bar Bracelet$42.00
SP3377Large Silver Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Set 28-30"$72.00
SP3378Silver Medium Autism Acceptance Living Locket Gift Set 28-30"$49.00$90.00
SP3379Silver Key Always Loved Never Forgotten Living Locket Gift Set 28-30"$35.00$82.00
SP3380Silver Key Healing Heart Living Locket Gift Set 28-30"$35.00$84.00
SP3381Silver Medium Always in My Heart Living Locket Gift Set 18-20"$35.00$62.00
SP3382Rose Gold Medium Paw Prints in My Heart Living Locket 18-20"$35.00$62.00
SP3383Gold Medium "Red Instead" Living Locket 32"$39.00$80.00
SP3384Black Mini Tag Actually Autisic with Crystals 16-19"$25.00$36.00
SP3385Black Rectangle Fur Mom with Love Living Locket Leather Bracelet$29.00$70.00
SP3386Gold "You Got This" Heart Pendant Bolo Bracelet$29.00$40.00
SP3387Silver "Just Breathe" Heart Pendant Bolo Bracelet$29.00$40.00
SP3388Rose Gold "Just Breathe" Heart Pendant Bolo Bracelet$29.00$40.00
SP4085Gold Rainbow "LOVE" Bolo Bracelet$29.00$38.00

Gift with Purchase: Spend $75 get a Think Goodness Zipper Pouch!

Available April 4 at Noon CT – April 8 at 8:59 a.m. CT, while promotional supplies last

From April 4 at Noon CT to April 8 at 8:59 a.m. CT, when you spend $75 USD or more, you'll receive a FREE Think Goodness Zipper Pouch with 3 charms and 3 BOOM cards - valued at $32! It's our way of saying thank you for your support and spreading kindness together!

 Let's pay it forward and create a ripple effect of kindness. Shop now and make a difference!

Note: You will not receive a notification during checkout; the item will be automatically added to your order if it’s placed while promotional supplies are available.

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