International Fruit Day Shop

Available July 1 at 2 p.m. CT, while supplies last

July 1 is not just the beginning of the month, but the day we celebrate International Fruit Day! 🍉🍓🍍

To celebrate this day, we are adding NEW fruit-themed charms and bringing back some pieces from the vault to give your style a colorful and refreshing look, perfect for the summer vibe! 🌞

Featuring some of our exclusive Charm of the Month pieces, never available for purchase before, and a new Kiwi charm, the Fruit Shop pieces are perfect for Origami Owl collectors or anyone looking to add a colorful and sweet touch to any Living Locket! PLUS, 5 random orders will get a charming surprise!!

💡 Fun Fact: Did you know not all oranges are orange? In subtropical regions, they can stay green or yellow even when ripe due to the milder temperatures!

SKUProduct NameRetail Price
CH3385Sparkle Lemon Slice Charm$6.00
CH3701Apple Cider Jug Charm$6.00
CH3703Cut Apple Charm$6.00
CH3774Kiwi Charm$6.00
CH7062Red Apple Sparkle Charm$6.00
CH7076Lemon with Leaf Charm$6.00
CH7077Jar of Lemonade Charm$6.00
CH7081Strawberry Crystal Charm$6.00
CH7082Grapes Crystal Charm$6.00
CH7100Blood Orange Charm$6.00
CH7101Enamel Cherries Charm$6.00
CH7102Crystal Cherries Charm$6.00
CH7103Fruit Tart Charm$6.00
ER2153Gold Strawberry Drop Earrings$38.00
ER3150Silver Stud Earring with Scarlet Crystals$26.00
NL9042Gold "Sweet" Strawberry Pendant Necklace 16-19"$36.00

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Fruit Shop
Fruit Shop