Origami Owl Summer Collection: An Ocean-inspired Collection

Available July 3 at Noon CT, while supplies last

Every summer, we look forward to creating memories during our family trips and enjoying our favorite getaway spots. Whether you dream of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, or the relaxing vibes by the sea, our new Origami Owl Summer Collection brings these cherished memories to your jewelry box.

With ocean-inspired stardust crystals, sea-themed charms, bracelets, and more, this collection offers a look that brings coastal charm to any style! Please note this limited-edition collection will be available while supplies last and won’t be restocked. Get your favorite pieces now before they are gone!

💡 Fun Fact: Did you know that Victorian doctors used to prescribe a trip to the beach? Seaside trips became very popular in Victorian times. Doctors would sometimes prescribe their patients a visit to the seaside rather than medicine. That sounds good to us!

Collection Details

SKUProduct DescriptionRetail Price
BR6078Large Silver Beaded Sea Turtle Bracelet 6.75"$34.00
BR6079Small Silver + Turquoise Beaded Bracelet 6.75"$32.00
CH0090Majestic Blue Crystals Stardust Pack$6.00
CH0115Light Turquoise Birthstone Charm$6.00
CH1090Parrot Charm$6.00
CH1462Anchor with Rope Charm$6.00
CH1469Starfish Charm$6.00
CH1474Red Striped Swimsuit Charm$6.00
CH1484Gold Mermaid Charm$6.00
CH3497Coral Hibiscus Charm$6.00
CH3501White Water Bottle Charm$6.00
CH3596LUXE Crystal Lotus Charm$8.00
CH3805Light Azore Crystals Stardust Pack$6.00
CH3806Sandy Beach Crystals Stardust Pack$10.00
CH3807Hermit Crab Charm$6.00
CH3808Sea Shell Charm$6.00
CH3810Cruise Ship Charm$6.00
CH3811Palm Tree Snow Globe Charm$6.00
CH3812Jellyfish Charm$6.00
CH3813Kayak Charm$6.00
CH3814Sea Turtle Charm$6.00
CH3815Diving Fin Charm$6.00
CH3824Blue + Purple Angel Fish Charm$6.00
CH3825Whale Charm$6.00
CH3826Blue Sparkle Heart Charm$6.00
CH3827Blue Wave Charm$6.00
CN406918-20" Silver Faceted Paperclip Chain$36.00
ER1078Silver Crystal Baguette Hoop Earrings$38.00
ER2168Silver Clover Ocean Blue Crystal Drop Earrings$36.00
LK1186Silver Medium Round Locket Bolo 16-28"$62.00
NL1080Silver Sand Dollar Pendant Necklace 16-19"$34.00
NL9054Silver Clover Ocean Crystal Pendant Necklace 16-19"$32.00

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