Spreading Goodness in Arizona: Crusaders of Love Inc. Blanket Drive

Arizona's chilly nights can be harsh for those on the streets, but Janet Weninger, the Founder of Crusaders of Love Inc., and her compassionate friends decided to make a difference. In a heartwarming blanket drive, they not only provided warmth but also ignited a spark of hope in the lives of the less fortunate. 

Your continuous support made it possible, and the Giving Goodness Foundation added an extra touch of love with a Random Act of Goodness. Let's dive into this uplifting tale of generosity and transformation!

Janet, founder of Crusaders of Love, holding a bag of blankets for the blanket drive.

A Warm Gesture: Blankets, Bags, and Beyond

In collaboration with the Giving Goodness Foundation, the Crusaders of Love Inc. distributed 40 blankets and sleeping bags to those in dire need. But their generosity didn't stop there; the team went above and beyond by offering food, shoes, and booklets, creating a comprehensive care package for the less fortunate.

Stories of Gratitude: Maria's New Shoes and Blanket

Maria, one of the recipients, expressed her gratitude for the thoughtful gesture. Her new tennis shoes, snugly wrapped in a warm blanket, became a symbol of comfort and care. Such personal touches demonstrate the genuine impact that simple acts of goodness can have on someone's life.

Cory's Journey from Despair to Hope

However, not everyone welcomed the Crusader team with open arms. Cory, a young man captured in a photo with a forced smile, shared the harsh reality of how passersby’s treat them. Moved by compassion, Janet and her team didn't just offer physical support; they prayed for a change in perspective. Janet shared a powerful message with Cory, revealing that his situation could be an opportunity to transform hearts in the community. 

A Miracle Unfolds: Cory's Transformation

In an unexpected turn of events, a miracle unfolded. Cory, initially disheartened, experienced a shift in perspective. Through Janet's prayers, he realized that he could be a vessel of love and positivity. Overwhelmed with joy, Cory rode off on his bike, singing and radiating hope, faith, and love. This encounter showcased the profound impact that a little goodness can have on someone's suffering.

The Crusaders of Love, with your support and the generosity of the Giving Goodness Foundation, exemplify how compassion can bring about positive change. This heartwarming tale reminds us that even in the darkest of times, a small act of goodness can make a world of difference. 

A smiling Cory, wrapped in a blanket, holding new tennis shoes - symbolizing hope and transformation.


1. How can I contribute to the Crusaders of Love Inc. initiatives?

- You can contribute by donating blankets, sleeping bags, or funds to support their noble cause.

2. Does the Giving Goodness Foundation accept donations from the public?

- Yes, the Giving Goodness Foundation welcomes and relies on donations to continue spreading goodness and support, 90 cents of every dollar donated goes towards our Random Acts of Goodness.

3. Are there other initiatives by Crusaders of Love Inc?

- Yes, Crusaders of Love Inc. engages in various initiatives to uplift and support the homeless community, hurting children, basically all people in need.

4. Can I volunteer with Crusaders of Love Inc.?

- Absolutely! Reach out to the organization to inquire about volunteer opportunities and how you can make a difference, please email: thecrusadersoflove@gmail.com.

5. How can I stay updated on future events and drives?

- Follow Crusaders of Love Inc. on Facebook for the latest updates and upcoming initiatives.