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Gua Sha Facial Tool

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A facial massaging tool that enhances your skincare regimen by improving circulation and releasing tension which leaves your face lifted and radiant after each use.

Our gua sha facial tool is crafted from natural, white jade and symbolizes health and harmony. It is calming, grounding and brings peace and luck.
Note: As our gua sha stone is made of natural stone, variances in color and pattern will occur.

  • Stimulates blood flow and brightens the complexion.
  • Drains lymphatic system and clears skin.
  • Releases tension.
  • Lifts and sculpts facial muscles.
  • Helps skincare products absorb better.
  • Clears congestion and reduces puffiness.
  • Promotes collagen production.
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Smooths fascia.

    There is not a one-size-fits all approach to a gua sha practice, but rather finding what you want the tool to do for you. Our recommendation is, to begin with this starter routine for the benefits above.

    • 1. Clean and moisturize skin.
    • 2. Apply a layer of Willing Beauty’s Born to Glow Skin Elixir.
    • 3. Reference the guide below to use different sections of the gua sha tool for different areas of your face.
      • a. Hold the stone at a slight angle, almost parallel to the skin.
      • b. Anchor skin with the opposite hand and move in gentle strokes with light pressure.
      • c. Apply 3-5 strokes in each area.
    • 4. Start by breathing deeply and warming up the outer sides of the neck with very light up and down strokes. This opens the pathway for drainage.
    • 5. Use downward strokes starting behind your jawbone and down your neck.
    • 6. Next, move along your jawline.
    • 7. Next, start at the center of your face and sweep your cheeks outward.
    • 8. Then, move to under eye area out toward your temples.
    • 9. Then, move to your eyebrows and forehead.
    • 10. Depending on your gua sha goals use the comb edge to lightly ‘erase’ forehead wrinkles in a perpendicular motion, or use the pointed end for tension relief.
    • 11. Drink lots of water after the massage. It will help get rid of the toxins.
    • 12. For best results, use 3x a week or up to one time per day.



    Before and after each use, use gentle soap to wash the stone. Use the included canvas tote for storage.

    Be careful – this natural stone is fragile when dropped on a hard surface! We recommend placing a small towel over your sink when you practice gua sha.

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    Gua Sha Facial Tool

    Gua Sha Facial Tool